CIArb-Thailand pleased to welcome 3 new Fellows

CIArb-Thailand is pleased to announce and welcome three new Fellows (FCIArb) to our Branch all of whom completed their Fellowship requirements in International Arbitation  (the Accelerated Route to Fellowship assessment course, Award Writing Examination, and Peer Interview) over the past two years here in Thailand.

Pictured above with Branch Executive Committee Member, Olaf Duensing (FCIArb), and below with Branch Vice-Chair, Jerrold Kippen (FCIArb) are (from left to right) Weeraya Kippen (FCIArb), Kay Kian Tan (FCIArb), and Bhavish Advani (FCIArb). Weeraya, Kay Kian, and Bhavish were formally awarded their CIArb Diplomas in International Arbitration and successfully completed their peer interviews on Friday, 6 July 2018.

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